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When is a boat a yacht?

  • Dec 9, 2022

When is a boat a yacht?

Let's face it, you have to know the names of the what you are about to hire.

Perhaps you are writing invitations for your party boat gig and there are a few people you need to impress.

The boat could be a Superyacht or simply a 10 metre Motor yacht. It could even be a classic Gulet Yacht.

Let's also consider some parts of the boat so you know your bow (front of the boat) from your bowel (part of your body's waste removal system), port (not the drink) from starboard etc.

Throw in a couple of have to know knots - so when someone throws you a line you can do an appropriate [figure 8 knot] to tie it to the cleat.

You will know a Tender is another name for a Dinghy.

Various Boats

Types of Boats

Sailing Yacht: a yacht mainly propelled via wind and sails

Motor Yacht: a yacht propelled via one or more motors

Gulet Yacht: a hybrid yacht with both sails and motors

Sports Yacht: a yacht geared towards fishing or water sports

Catamaran Yacht: a yacht with two hulls in parallel

Trimaran Yacht: a yacht with three hulls in parallel

Parts of a Boat

Anchor: anchors of various shapes and sizes are used to hold the boat in position. They are dropped or lowered overboard. Special anchors for sand can be very light, with a design that digs in.

Ballast: used to provide stability.

Berth: the sleeping quarters of the boat.

Bilge: the area on the outer surface of a boat's hull where the bottom curves to meet the vertical sides.

Bow: the entire front portion of the boat.

Bridge: the part of the boat where the controls are; the cockpit.

Deck: the part of the boat that is on top of the hull and an area where you can walk or work. It acts as a roof for the hull. Boats can have multiple decks (i.e. foredeck).

Dinghy: a small often inflatable boat used as a tender or for lifesaving purposes

Fenders: parts made of plastic or rubber that act as a buffer between the boat and the dock or pier and other boats, protecting both from damage.

Foredeck: the front-most deck of the boat in boats that have multiple decks.

Galley: the kitchen area where food is prepared.

Gunnel/Gunwale: The edge running along the side of the boat.

Hatch: an opening allowing you to go below deck. "Batten down the hatches"

Hull: the body (shell) of the boat that encompasses other parts like the deck, bottom, and sides. The hull doesn’t include the rigging or mast of a sailing yacht.

Keel: considered the foundation of the boat that digs into water. Surfboard fins used to be called keels.

Jump seats: Space-saving small seats you can pop in and out of place in the cabin.

Lifeline: lines or cables that act as guard rails, preventing people or gear from falling overboard.

Line: a synonym for rope used in the boating world.

Mooring: where you dock or keep your boat secure.

Port: as you’re facing the bow, the port side of the boat is the left side.

Porthole: a window in the side of the boat, often circular.

Rudder: used to control steering.

Saloon: the primary dining area of a boat - dinghy

Starboard: as you’re facing the bow, the starboard side of the boat is the entire right side.

Stern: the back of the boat.

Tender: another name for a dinghy.

Useful Sailing Knots

Knowing some basic knots is important for boating emergencies. Generally knots are used for-:

1 Securing a boat to a mooring

2 Securing a boat to a pole

3 Securing 2 pieces of rope together

Bowline Knot

The bowline knot is a useful knot when you need to form a loop that can be easily undone later. You could use this knot to pull a stump out of the ground yet still be able to untie it.

Bowline Knot

Clove Hitch

This is a quick knot for tying a pole or object.

Clove Hitch

Half Hitch Knot

This is a quick knot for tying a pole or object.

Half Hitch Knot

Cleat Hitch

The cleat hitch is generally for tying a line to a cleat.

Cleat Hitch

Sheet Bend

The Sheet Bend is a useful when you need to tie 2 peices of rope together. It can also be used to tie uneven rope sizes together.

Sheet Bend Knot

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